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W-Plast Thermal Insulation Materials (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd is a China-based subsidiary of W-Plast E.K.(Germany) which is led by Mr.Ralf Hecke, an internationally famous expert in the field of fiber glass intensified plastic forming technology. With headquarter in Shanghai Pudong New District, the company is specialized in the production and sales of energy-saving insulation materials- the polyamide fiber glass thermal barrier profiles (PA66GF25 thermal barrier strips), and endeavors to provide the best and complete program for insulating and energy-saving projects of doors, windows&curtain walls.
In 1986, Mr. Ralf Hecke established in Munich a WSP laboratory for the study of engineering plastic forming, which concentrates on studying the extrusion technology of fiber glass intensified plastic. The WSP laboratory has been cooperating with some universities such as TU Berlin、 RWTH Aachen、University of Stuttgart to develop various projects and the achievements are widely used by renowned companies like Siemens, Bosch, etc. In the mean time, Mr. Ralf Hecke has also been a technical consultant for Siemens.
The WSP laboratory has unique theory and technical practice in the fields of flow channel design of glass fiber extrusion technic and constant temperature of moulds. The research achievements are not only introduced into famous universities
and large-scale enterprises, but also promoted industrially by Wang-Solutions(mother company of W-plast e.K.).
In the year 2005, Wang-Solutions put forward the polyamide glass fiber insulating strip (PA66GF25 thermal barrier strip), which,with its unique technology, has been taking the lead over its competitors in Europe and America.
In 2008, German W-plast e.K. was set up in Munich, specializing in the development, design, production and sales of insulation materials of doors, windows&curtain walls – the polyamide fiber glass insulating strips ( PA66GF25 thermal barrier strips). The products are sold to over twenty countries around the world with its superior performance.
In 2009, the representative office of German W-plast e.K. was established in Shanghai Pudong New District who has also invested USD 12,000,000 in Anhui Wuhu Economic and Technology development Zone and set up a production base for PA66GF25 thermal barrier strips. Covering an area of 100 acres, it becomes one of the largest manufacturer of thermal barrier strips in China, and it also symbolizes the ‘W-PLAST’ of Germany formally entering the Chinese market.